USA Wheel Gymnastics Federation
Contact Zimmermann's for any size gymnastic wheel, shipped anywhere in the
world.  The Zimmermann family has been in the business of manufacturing the
best wheels in the industry for several decades.  Their product is far better then
the competition in cost, quality, and durability.  

      No one makes a better gymnastics wheel, period.
Phone #: +49 (0) 6128 44329
For the highest quality mats and gymnastics equipment, go to
Norbert's.  Norbert Dill was a prominent wheel gymnast in
Europe and in the USA and  also founded Norbert's Athletic
Products, Inc.  His son Loren now runs the business.
(800) 779-1904
                      American Sokol Organization
Over 150 Years of Family Fitness, Fun, and Education.  Dedicated to the
physical, mental, and cultural advancement of its members, the youth and adults
that attend its programs, and the local communities they serve.
Find a Sokol Club near you!
9126 Ogden Ave.
Brookfield, IL 60513
(708) 255-5397
                      International Wheel Gymnastics Federation

International Training Camps, Competitions, Literature, and Courses
CH 3000 Bern, Switzerland
+49 (0) 1803 - 5518 - 08267
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