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Info about the 2024 World Championship to come soon!

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Monday, 23rd May      - Arrival of delegations

         - Official reception of delegation leaders

         - Opening Gala 


Tuesday, 24th May     - Scheduled training

         - Compulsory judges’ seminar (2 hours)

         - IRV General Assembly


Wednesday, 25th May - Semi-Final All Around Seniors


Thursday, 26th May    - Semi-Final All Around Juniors 

         - All Around Cyr Wheel


Friday, 27th May       - Cyr Battle competition

         - Final All Around Seniors 

         - Final All Around Juniors


Saturday, 28th May    - Individual Discipline Finals Juniors 

         - Individual Discipline Finals Seniors 

         - Farewell Party


Sunday, 29th May      - Departure of delegations



Approximated cost for athletes: 500+850+588 = $1938



  • Team Fee: $500

    • Team Wear (Leotard, Warmups, T-shirt, Bag)

    • Insurance

    • Registration Fee

    • Administrative Fee

  • Supporter Fee: $300

    • Team Wear (Warmups, T-shirt, Bag)

    • Insurance

    • Administrative Fee

    • Spectator Tickets

  • Team Wear Alone: $175






Approx: $850


It is up to the athlete to organize their own travel (recommend planning with other team members)


Fly into Copenhagen, Denmark (CPH)  Train to Sønderborg, Denmark or with “Air Alsie” to Sønderborg Airport (SGD)




Fly into Hamburg, Germany (HAM)  Train to Flensburg, Germany (the organizer will collect the delegations from the train station in Flensburg).





On-site accommodation is required for every athlete and delegate.

Friends, family, and supporters are welcome to stay with athletes but are not required.


Accommodation 1:

Danhostel Sønderborg City

Kærvej 70

DK 6400 Sønderborg



Accommodation 2:

Hotel Sønderborg Kaserne

Gerlachsgade 8

DK 6400 Sønderborg


Danhostel, Sønderborg City

  • Quad (4 beds) 468 €

  • Triple (3 beds) 528 €

  • Double (2 beds) 588 €

Hotel Sønderborg Kaserne

  • Single Suite 730 €

  • Double Suite (Shared Bed) 630 €

Each housing option provides:

  • a personal bathroom with a shower

  • a closet

  • a common room

  • access to game spaces and laundry

  • set of towels and sheets for the week


You can choose to arrive one day earlier in Sønderborg. If you want that, you have to pay 78€ (hostel) or 120€ (hotel) additionally.


  • Package Pre-Registration Deadline is 15 February 2022, Main Registration deadline is May 1st 2022.

  • In case of a cancellation of the World Championships 2022 the refund policy is as follows: 

  • If the Covid situation in Denmark makes it necessary for the IRV and the local organisers to cancel the WC 2022 this will happen at least six weeks ahead of the event. 

  • Up to this six-weeks deadline all room & board payments will be refunded 100% (minus little transaction bank fee).




Please inform us if you plan on judging in Denmark

  • All prospective judges are required to take the judging test during March Wheel Weekend to gain official certification to judge.

  • Must attend a judging seminar on Tuesday the 24th during the week of competition.



For more information:

Team USA.jpg


There's still time!

Become a member of Team USA by joining us at National Trials in Chicago during our upcoming Wheel Weekend. This is the final qualifying event for the World Championships

American Wheelers: Please note that in addition to booking on-site accommodations for the 2021, it is $400 to register as an athlete in the World Championships. This fee includes your competitive uniform as well as registration

wheelfest logo 2021.jpg


Come for the competition, stay for our workshops!

Now in its third year running, WheelFest takes place during the same week as the Tournament and celebrates Wheel Gymnastics as both a sport and spectacle in a variety of social events, competitions, field trips, classes, and more!

As your host, USA Wheel Gymnastics wants everyone - athletes, family and friends - to enjoy this week to the fullest and offers activities for all ages and skill levels.

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