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2023 Team World Championships

For the the first time our Junior Team has been invited to compete at the 2023 Team World Championships. Our senior team will also be going to attend as exhibitionist, to gain international competition experience. Information about how the USA team will be determined can be found below. The competition will be held in Chicago, IL on July 15th.

More information to come.


Friday July 14

- Welcome BBQ 7-9pm

($10 meal tickets available for non delagation members)

Saturday July 15

- Junior Team Competition 1pm

- Senior Team Competition  5pm 

- Farewell Party 8pm


We have updated the rubric to determine the team qualification for the Teams competition in 2023. Within each category, the top 6 scoring athletes women and men combined will qualify for the team. Exceptions may be made in rare cases for extenuating circumstances that prevent an athletes from competing in an event (injury, family emergency, etc.) In such cases, the athlete must submit a written request to Wolfgang in advance of the missed competition supporting their inclusion, which may then be shared with the board, other athletes, and the general public. The head coach will convene the board within 48 hours of the missed competition to determine the proper course of action, which may include granting the athlete points based on their prior history in USAWGF competition events and/or submitted video content.

The top 10 athletes will receive points based on their ranking for each event, difficulty scores, and competition history.

Competition Ranking Points:

  • Event A: Rank 1 receives 20 points , Rank 2 receives 18, Rank 3 receives 16, and so on

  • Event B: Rank 1 receives 30 points, Rank 2 receives 27, Rank 3 receives 24, and so on

  • Event C: Rank 1 receives 30 points, Rank 2 receives 27, Rank 3 receives 24, and so on

Difficulty Points: (Athletes will receive these points a maximum of one time across all three competitions)

  • For performing a straight-line routine with at least 5 elements C or higher: 5 points

  • For performing  a straight-line routine with at least 2 elements D or higher: 5 points

  • For performing a spiral routine with at least 4 elements C or higher: 5 points


The athletes will receive the difficulty points at each discipline at every qualifying completion “except vault“

  • Competition history: (past 5 years, not including the three qualifying events for 2023)

  • 2 points for each World Championships

  • 1 point for each National qualifying competition

The top 6 all around  athletes qualify for seniors and junior -“12 total “ 

USA WGF board and head-coach will then place the athletes into the disciplines to represent TEAM USA.


Events are during Chicago Wheel Weekends 

A  Sun October  16 , 2022 Chicago  2-5 pm

B Fri March 17 , 2023 Chicago  7-9 pm

C Sun March 19 , 2023 Chicago 2-5 pm

More information about the competition can be found at
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