USA Wheel Gymnastics was founded with the mission to promote both the sport and spectacle of Wheel Gymnastics.

Wheel gymnastics has a strong following in many countries around the world and continues to grow in the USA! By regularly hosting National Wheel Gymnastic Championships, training camps, and sponsoring athletes to compete at the World Championships, we encourage all wheel gymnasts and enthusiasts to participate, regardless of ability and background. 

The USA Wheel Gymnastics Federation has trained and sponsored numerous athletes that have represented the USA in several national and international competitions in both gym wheel and cyr wheel. Our certified coaches provide superior training opportunities in wheel gymnastics for ages 6 and above, all the way through senior! We also offer educational coaching and judging courses several times a year, as well as opportunities to become official delegates for major competitive events. If you have staff that would like to learn how to coach, judge, or delegate for wheel gymnastics, we can help!


In 1924, a German locksmith and union railway worker named Otto Feick, invented and built the very first Rhönrad...

Also known as the German Wheel, the Rhönrad was so named because Otto and his family lived in the Rhön region of Germany. Shortly thereafter, Otto and his students travelled all over Europe and to the USA to promote the sport. In the 1936 Olympics, over 120 wheel gymnasts performed during the opening ceremonies. After WWII, there was increased popularity of the sport in Europe and abroad. By the mid-nineties, the Internationaler Rhönradturn-Verband (IRV) was formed to oversee all international competitions and training camps. Currently, there are 10 member countries of the IRV and approximately 30 nations participating in the sport worldwide.


USA Wheel Gymnastics was founded by eight-time wheel gymnastic world champion Wolfgang Bientzle. With the help of a board of directors and officers, USA Wheel Gymnastics continues to bring quality education and opportunities to the USA and beyond.

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