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Below are excerpts from the USA Wheel Gymnastics handbook.
To see the full handbook, please click here

Hosting a Competition

  • USAWGF will periodically host national competitions (e.g. World Championships 2020 and qualifying competitions)

    • For these events, USAWGF will be responsible for logistics and regulations in partnership with the host location.

    • USAWGF will be responsible for registration and will collect any applicable competition registration fees.

    • If you are interested in hosting a national competition, please contact Mearieta Clemente ( for more information.

  • We encourage wheel gymnastics communities to host additional competitions in their home communities

    • The host community will be responsible for logistics, regulations, and registration, although USAWGF members and officers may be available to assist.

    • The host community will be responsible for registration and may collect any applicable competition fees.

    • All participants in the event must be current members of USAWGF.

    • Any deviation from standard competition rules should be publicly communicated before registration is live for the event.

    • We encourage hosts to notify Mearieta Clemente ( so that we can add the competition to the USAWGF calendar, newsletter, and social media to further community awareness.

Hosting Wheel Workshops

  • We encourage all wheel communities to host workshops/Wheel Weekends to further the understanding and appreciation of our discipline.

  • Before scheduling a major workshop (i.e. one that targets participants beyond your local community), we ask that you consult with a USAWGF officer and attempt to avoid scheduling conflicts with other major events.

  • We encourage hosts to notify Mearieta Clemente ( about any major workshops so that we can add them to the USAWGF calendar, newsletter, and social media in order to further community awareness.

  • USAWGF will only recognize and advertise events for which the primary coaches are at least Level 1 certified through USAWGF. (Non-certified coaches are permitted to assist but should not be primarily responsible for educational programming or safety.)

Hosting Coaching Instruction

  • All instructors must meet the following requirements:

    • Level 2 coaching certification

    • 4+ years of coaching experience

    • Current USAWGF membership

    • Adherence to standard coaching curriculum and code of conduct

      • Competitive regulations, judging, and execution must be a part of the curriculum

      • Athletes should be trained using standard athletic attire

      • Contact Wolfgang ( or Jennifer Richard ( for further details on curriculum content

  • Fee Requirements

    • The course fee for Level 1 participants must be standardized to $325 for the complete course. (Other arrangements may be made based on financial need). This fee is kept by the host organization.

    • All participants must be members of USAWGF before the course begins ($50 annual membership fee to USAWGF).

    • (optional) $50 certification fee. Certification is handled by USAWGF VP of Education, Jennifer Richard (

      • The certification fee is not mandatory, however, participants are not considered certified coaches by the standards of USAWGF unless they pay this fee and receive their certificate in addition to passing all course requirements (note that non-certified coaches are not eligible for the USAWGF loaner program or any endorsement by USAWGF)

      • Participants have one year from the end of their coaching course to pay their certification fee

  • Timeline

    • Hosts must notify USAWGF at least one month in advance of holding a coaching certification course. Please notify Jennifer Richard ( with Wolfgang ( CC’d.

    • The education schedule must be shared with USAWGF at least two weeks ahead of the course.

    • Written tests must be returned to USAWGF within one week of the course conclusion. Contact Jennifer Richard ( for details.

    • The event should be advertised with the USAWGF logo and the language “sanctioned by USA Wheel Gymnastics Federation.”

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