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What is Wheel Gymnastics?
You can read all about it's fascinating history here or watch video here!

What is a Gym Wheel?
Gym Wheels, also known as Gymnastic Wheels, Rhonrads, or German Wheels, are double rimmed steel wheels, usually consisting of foot boards and handles. Wheels use the metric system and come in a variety of sizes, making it accessible to Wheelers of all ages and sizes!

What is a Cyr Wheel?
Cyr Wheels, the most recent addition to the World Championship program, are also known as Mono Wheels. True to their nickname, Cyr Wheels are single rimmed wheels, but they do not have footboards or handles. These also come in a variety of sizes.

Where do you teach classes?
While USA Wheel Gymnastics is based in Chicago, we have a number of certified Gym Wheel and Cyr Wheel coaches all over the US! Our coaches often run "Wheel clubs" and teach a variety of workshops, private lessons, classes, and more. Find a certified coach near you!

What do I need for a class?
Clothes you can move comfortably in while potentially rolling or spinning upside down. Shoes are the most important piece of attire for Wheel! Closed toe shoes with a hard, flat sole are ideal, similar to brands such as Converse and Feiyue.

How much experience do I need?
Having some experience always helps but ultimately, you don't need any going in to your first class. Our world-class coaches can teach you everything you need to know!
Where can I buy a Gym or Cyr Wheel?
There are lots of people who make Wheels around the world, but we recommend buying from Zimmerman. They make wheels of the highest quality and durability.
I want to compete in a National/World Championship. Where do I start?
First things first, find a Wheel/Wheel-club to train with. Then join us at our National competitions (usually in Chicago during a Wheel Weekend). Registration for these events will be posted here. National Cup determine whether or not you qualify for the national team, where you'll go on to compete at the World Championships!

How are athletes scored in Wheel Gymnastics?
There are three disciplines in Wheel Gymnastics for Gym Wheel: straight-line, spiral, and vault. Gym Wheelers are divided in Junior and Senior categories. For Cyr Wheel, there is a technical program and an artistic program with no specific age range. Each discipline has a panel of judges that award points for execution, composition, and difficulty. For the latest Code of Points by the IRV, please visit their website here.

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