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Below are excerpts from the USA Wheel Gymnastics handbook.
To see the full handbook, please click here


Respect for Space and Equipment



    • Return equipment and material to where it belongs.

    • Remove damaged equipment and/or report it to the appropriate staff.

    • Make sure wheels are adequately tightened before use.

    • Make sure the gym is clean, and clean it at the end of your time.

  • Professional Conduct

    • Consistently provide a fun and skill-driven experience while keeping education safe and challenging

    • Stay within your range/level of confidence while coaching

    • Exercise a standard of care consistent with your competence and ability as a coach

    • Be always on time and adequately prepared for the class

    • Be considerate and concerned with those who are sick or injured

    • Be reasonable and responsible when dealing with minors

    • Avoid unaccompanied and unobserved activities with minors

    • Know, follow, and strictly adhere to the rules and policies of your local organization

    • Refrain from any form of harassment or discrimination

    • Be an inspirational and positive role model

      • Be considerate, attentive, friendly, and supportive

      • Your language must be beyond reproach

      • Your manners should be impeccable, your personal hygiene outstanding, and your appearance flawless 

      • Be fair to all participants

  • Ensure participants stick to the Participant Code of Conduct

  • A senior coach must supervise a junior at all times

  • Maintain the appropriate ratio between coach/participants at all times


  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear

  • Listen carefully; pay attention 

  • Follow your coach’s expectations and instructions

  • Give your best effort

  • Practice sportsmanship and fair play 

  • Speak and act respectfully; use good manners and appropriate language

  • Be considerate

  • Moderate voice level 

  • Know your limits and communicate them

  • Let coaches know if you feel uncomfortable at any time

  • Respect your space and equipment

  • Keep the space clean; eat and drink elsewhere and clean the gym after use

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