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USA Wheel Gymnastics is proud to announce the development of a new basic skills testing program designed to encourage newcomers to the sport of Wheel Gymnastics (Rhoenrad). The program is set up to test basic GymWheel skills in the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. The first testing was conducted at the 2011 Circle of Stars GymFest in January with seven athletes passing at their respective levels. After the basic skills, athletes move on to compete compulsory routines. After compulsories, the athletes follow international Junior and/or Senior rules.

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Originated in Germany in the early 1900’s, Wheel Gymnastics is governed by the International Rhoenrad Federation (IRV)and has a World Championships that includes over 25 countries. Coaching certification occurs twice each year in Chicago at the Big Wheel Weekend with current and former world champions as instructors. Chicago will be the site of the 2013 Wheel Worlds, so now is the time to get rolling and join in the fun!

A Gym Wheel is made up of two steel rims connected by two stride rungs, two handle rungs, and two board rungs. Leather belts are attached to the boards to secure the feet. Wheels are manufactured in diameter increments of 5cm, from the smallest of 150cm to the largest of 250cm. (It would take approximately 5 wheels in 15cm increments to get a good start on a wheel program.) Wheels are made to disassemble in four pieces, so they are very easy to pack up and transport for after school, YMCA, park district and similar programs.

Wheel competition includes three disciplines: straight line, spiral and vault. Beginning wheel curriculum emphasizes straight line skills, but includes introductory skills for the spiral and vaulting disciplines. Straight line work includes rocking the wheel in various standing and seated positions, as well as full turns of the wheel  in cartwheels, push-up and bridge positions. Spiral involves tipping the wheel onto one rim and spinning it in a circular pattern. In the vault discipline gymnasts roll the wheel then run and jump to propel themselves over the top and complete a landing on the other side.

Competition is not the only outlet for wheels. Since it is relatively easy to learn basic rolling skills, Gym Wheels make for great exhibition and GymFest routines. Many people have probably seen the wheels in different Cirque du Soleil shows, at NBA halftimes, or possibly even on their last cruise!

One of the best aspects of Wheel Gymnastics is that it allows teenagers and adults a challenging yet positive experience in the world of gymnastics. Most gym owners these days are looking for new ways to keep their older students involved and to bring new clients and revenue to the gym. With the low cost to secure a few wheels and portability factor, Wheel Gymnastics is the perfect addition.

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USA Wheel Gymnastics' mission is to make wheel accessible to everyone.

In this cause USA WGF has started the “gym wheel loaner program” for clubs, organizations or individuals who would like to start a program , but want to run  it as a try out to see if the interest is big enough to start a wheel program.


USA Wheel Gymnastics will loan 1 wheel for 6 month for “ no fee” as an incentive.

Transportation has to be paid by the loaner.

To be eligible the following conditions have to be fulfilled:

- valid membership with USA WGF

- coaching certificate Wheel Gymnastics of USA WGF

- you need to have at least one wheel out of your own resources available for this program

For more information on Wheel Gymnastics,

contact Paula Lord at GymRoots

or check out USA Wheel Gymnastics on Facebook.

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