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In Memoriam 


Norbert Dill 


March 8, 2021 



Members and leadership of the USA Wheel Gymnastics Federation are bound in sorrow at news of the recent passing of Norbert Dill, an iconic member of the wheel gymnastics community.  Born in Germany in 1938, Norbert was introduced to the sport of wheel gymnastics as a young man and quickly became a rising star in the sport.  He became the first German National Champion for his club, TG Wuerzburg, in 1960 and also in 1962. He was the several time Bavarian Champion and also a member of the first German National Team Champion in 1961. 


In the early 1970’s, he relocated to the United States and founded Norbert’s Athletic Products, one of the premier gymnastic supply companies in the USA.  Norbert sold gymnastic wheels, gave training sessions, and provided demonstrations around the nation at a variety of schools and gymnastics clubs.  His impact on the growth of wheel gymnastics here in the USA was immediate and long lasting.  The seed that was planted by these demonstrations grew with each passing year and decade, leading to growth of wheel gymnastics within many organizations throughout the nation.  The logo of Norbert’s Athletic Products reflects the history of its founder, containing a graphic of a gymnastic wheel.  His son, Loren, has successfully run the company for several decades and continues to support the wheel gymnastics community that his father had such an impact in forming. 


During the 2013 Wheel Gymnastics World Championships, Norbert received the USAWGF Lifetime Achievement award, recognizing his impact on the growth of the sport here in the USA and abroad.   


It is with both sorrow and awe that we mourn the passing of Norbert Dill.  Our thoughts, respect, and admiration rest with his friends, family, and the wheel gymnastics community as a whole. 


Dr. Evan Brown 

Founder and former President, USAWGF  


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