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2022 World Championship Wrap-Up

Great Final days for TEAM USA at the Gym Wheel World Championship in Denmark!

Casey Crowe won bronze 🥉 in men's Cyr wheel. In Gym Wheel Crowe ranked 6th in both men's Spiral and Vault.

Aidan Elliot placed 5th in Spiral, 6th in all-around and straight line for Junior Boys.

Congratulations to all team members - the highest technical level result ever in all categories: Women, Men, Junior Boys, and Junior Girls plus Cyr Wheel

Gym Wheel Junior Team USA qualifies for the Junior Team World Championship 2023.
"For the first time ever!"

Congrats to Oscar Mendoza,
Aidan Lish, Aidan Elliot, Karly O'Brien, Ava Glenski

Thank You to everyone that competed, traveled, participated, and help make this happen! Without you, all this would not be possible!

Here is the link to the official scores!


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