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2024 Wheel Gymnastics World Championships 

Team USA will be participating in the Wheel Gymnastics World Championship 2024, taking place from July 28th to August 4th in Almere, Netherlands. Not only will the competition be filled with high-level teams from around the world, but it will also take place in a top-notch location, promising an extraordinary event! Bring along as many supporters as possible to create an even more vibrant atmosphere; there is space for at least 2000 spectators. The Netherlands and Team USA invite you to join us, and to support our team!

2024 Taunusstein International Training Camp

TSV Taunusstein-Bleidenstadt and CirquesExperience invites motivated wheelers who want to excel in all three disciplines at the national and international level, gymnasts, and performers to a week of Gym and Cyr Wheel workshops led by the best international coaches in the areas of Circus and Competitive Wheel Gymnastics.

New Code of Points!

The IRV recently released the New Code of Points for Wheel Gymnastics, as well as Difficulty catalogues for Gym Wheel for 2023 and beyond. We hope to put these in effect as soon as possible. All documents are linked under the Handbook Page.



Donate Now

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Donations will go toward classes and competition fees for scholarship students and will help cover operating costs that have been underfunded due to the Covid 19 pandemic.



$50 for each athlete, judge, and coach. Valid for all of 2024.

**Please note that anyone participating in USAWG events MUST pay an annual membership fee. 

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