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This year, USA Wheel Gymnastics will be hosting our first-ever Wheel-A-Thon, on May 5. Wheelers of all kinds--children, teenagers, and adults--will be rolling around the city in a 12km extravaganza to raise funds for athletes from low income families to go to the Wheel Gymnastics World Championships this summer. We welcome your donations!


When and where is the Wheel-a-thon taking place?

The Wheel-a-thon is on May 5th from 1pm-3pm, starting at our gym on 5944 N. Magnolia Ave, rolling around the neighborhood, and ending at Kathy Osterman Beach. See the map for more details. Please note that this is different from the original plan to roll along the lakefront path.


What is the Wheel-a-thon?

The Wheel-a-thon is a cooperative wheel event where athletes of all ages will roll together to raise funds for a great cause. We will be meeting at designated locations along the route to switch out with one another, relay style. 


How can I donate?

Every $12 donated will earn a raffle ticket. Each prize will have its own unique raffle ticket, and a separate drawing will be held for each prize, increasing the chances of winning for those who donate more! 


How do I submit my donation?

You can submit your donation on the application page, which will include your name, address, phone number, and email. Donors will then be prompted to submit their contribution through the USA Wheel Gymnastics PayPal account.


Can I specify which wheel athlete I want to get credit for my donation?

Yes! On the application page, there will be a spot to write the name of the wheel athlete who will receive credit for bringing in your donation. The wheel athlete who solicits the greatest amount in donations will win a family gelato party at Sideshow Gelato! 


All scholarships are awarded based on application and vote by the USA Wheel Board of Directors.


Where will the funds raised go?

The funds raised will go towards sending athletes from low-income families to the 2024 World Championship in the Netherlands. This is a worthy cause because it provides an opportunity for young athletes to compete on a global stage, gain valuable life experiences, and build confidence and self-esteem, regardless of their financial situation.


Why should I support this cause?

Supporting this cause will help level the playing field for talented young athletes who may not have the means to pursue their passion otherwise. Your donation will help create a more inclusive and equitable environment for athletes to thrive and reach their full potential. Plus, you'll be supporting the development of future leaders and community members!


Are my donations tax-deductible?

Yes! All donations are tax-deductible making your contribution go even further in supporting this worthy cause. USA Wheel Gymnastics will send an email receipt thanking you for your contribution. 


What happens after the Wheel-a-thon?

Join us on the lawn at Ardmore Avenue Kathy Osterman Beach at 3:00 pm for a culmination celebration! We'll have healthy refreshments and announce the raffle winners. It's a great opportunity to congratulate the athletes, celebrate the funds raised, and wrap up the event in style. We hope to see you there!


What are the raffle prizes?

Raffle prizes include: Five passes for free jumps or a six jump admission pass at Sky High Sports, $50 Calo Ristorante gift card, $100 gift card to Lobo Pizza, free personal Wheel Lesson from Coach Athena, five passes to the Shedd Aquarium, massage from the licensed  massage therapist, Roger Range and more! Thank you to our sponsors for their generous donations! 

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